Neelands has placed itself at to the leading edge of control technology with factory trained technicians that have extensive experience in the installation and maintenance of controls on refrigeration equipment specific to the supermarket industry. Neelands works with Emerson (cpc), Micro Thermo, Danfoss, Novar, and PBN control systems.

The Neelands automation team develops innovative and dependable building controls to help you operate your facility in an environmentally responsible way. The team consists of mechanical engineers, programmers, installers and service providers. We take great care in evaluating and implementing new technologies, and have earned a sterling reputation for outstanding customer service. We ensure that all elements of our Performance Lifecycle Maintenance program, Performance Analytics and Controls are integrated to deliver specific measurable key performance objectives to our customers - there is no guess work.

CAM E2   CAM System


PBN Controls has developed products and services to exceed the needs of refrigeration system operators achieving control over the major cost areas: Energy, Service, Maintenance, Product loss, Capitol planning and administration. System performance begins at the site level with PBN Critical alarm monitoring of refrigeration and HVAC systems operated by Micro thermo and Emerson controls. PBN CAM provides intuitive user interface for site management and service providers. PBN Remote access monitor provides a cloud based WEB control panel showing real time status of all sites and provides an instant direct connection to each site. PBN energy dashboard applies 24/7 automated machine learning analytics to continually monitor system performance.

PBN services close the loop on controlling overall operating cost. Intelligent monitoring provides 24/7 live qualified technical support to site systems, site management and service providers. PBN service and maintenance management takes over management of service contractors chain wide, handling all invoicing and administration.

PBN Controls services

  1. Critical Alarm Monitoring
  2. Remote Access Monitor
  3. Energy Dashboard
  4. Intelligent Monitoring Service
  5. Service and Maintenance management

1. CAM Critical Alarm monitoring

The PBN CAM (Critical Alarm Monitoring) system is a software platform that interacts with the existing control systems in the warehouse. CAM saves installation costs by utilizing existing equipment data. CAM pulls data from multiple platforms including refrigeration, HVAC, mechanical, lighting and energy. CAM utilizes this data to provide all in one monitoring.

2. Remote Access Monitor

PBN Remote Access Monitor is a web based software platform that provides remote access and systems monitoring at a corporate level. PBM RAM incorporates systems from various protocols such as Emerson (cpc) and Micro Thermo into one monitoring platform. PBN RAM can be used by PBN intelligent monitoring service or the customers own monitoring provider. It also provides controlled remote access for store management and service providers.

3. PBN Energy Dashboard

PBN Energy IOT Dashboard consolidates data from existing systems protocols into PBN data collection that is sent to the PBN cloud based IOT site. The PBN cloud system uses preprogrammed automated analytics to continually monitor system performance. System degradation is automatically alerted with recommended action to guide service and maintenance activities. Reporting is customized to each customer’s requirements guiding energy management, operation procedures and capital planning with accurate information.

4. Intelligent Monitoring service

PBN intelligent Monitoring service: is an integration of technology and human expertise that monitors, analyzes and proactively mobilizes to prevent system failures and improve performance. PBN intelligent monitoring service utilizes PBN Remote Access Monitor, PBN Energy Dashboard and qualified technicians to continually monitoring system operation 24/7.

5. Service and Maintenance management

PBN service and maintenance management utilizes all of PBN’s tools then adds oversite of service and maintenance provider operations on all sites. Reducing overall operating cost by guiding service and maintenance time and tasks. 24/7 Qualified technical support and PBN onsite support is provided when required. Centralized invoicing and refrigerant tracking is provided.

Energy Engineering

Energy Engineering (EE) is a broad field of working with energy efficiency, energy services, facility management and other alternative energy resources.

Our mission is to enable organizations to be part of creating a sustainable world. Our product and services helps our clients to conserve energy through efficient energy solutions delivered with passion, integrity, expertise and teamwork focused on customer satisfaction.

Neelands Energy Engineering Services includes:

1. Energy Star/Green Building Portfolio Benchmarking
2. Energy Management
3. Energy Assessment
4. Existing Building Commissioning
5. Carbon Assessments/Accounting
6. Energy Efficiency Training and Education
7. Awareness Program
8. Sustainability Strategic Planning
9. Energy Optimization Service
10. Energy Incentive Consulting

Performance Lifecycle Maintenance

Maintenance does not always mean PERFORMANCE.
Maintenance does not necessarily mean ASSET LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT.

Can you say that your current schedule of maintenance activities is delivering measurable results? Do you (or your customer) at times feel frustrated at continuously approving expenses without a final goal being determined?

Also, do you feel you are making informed decisions about maintenance or repair expenses? What is your level of confidence when presenting maintenance results to your customers? Are your current HVAC suppliers helping you differentiate your offering into the market and helping to increase your sales?

These are all valid, viable questions for those with HVAC requirements. As a whole, the HVAC service market has not innovated. Maintenance contracts speak to providing a host of "typical" benefits, but rarely does a contractor demonstrate these benefits with measurable data. Despite that, customers continue to sign cheques without identifying long term objectives - and frustration may be the only return on investment.


This covers knowledge-based maintenance activities that deliver MEASURABLE operational and financial results to our customers. Our Performance Lifecycle Maintenance Program provides clarity to clients, so they can make informed decisions about their assets. Yes, clients can look forward to informed, documented performance information from Neelands.