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Full Service Interior Store Refrigeration Design

Based on the best practices in modern refrigeration design, Neelands can create your floor plan, including details like plumbing, electrical and controls. We'll work with you or your architect to produce the best possible layout and interior that's functionally efficient and award-winning.

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Commercial Refrigeration Manufacturing and Engineering

Neelands can supply virtually any refrigeration equipment you envision. From innovative hybrid products to applied new technologies like Glycol and CO2, we can develop products that take your commercial refrigeration to the next level.

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Refrigerated Display Cases are Just the Beginning…

From the latest designs in refrigerated display cases to complete refrigeration systems using the most current technology, Neelands has the best product mix in the industry. We offer a wide range of possibilities from energy-efficient, environmentally conscious refrigeration systems to innovative, design conscious displays.

We'd be happy to outfit your boutique market with custom fabricated retail display cases that meet your unique needs, but we're also highly skilled at completing big projects like installation of refrigeration compressor equipment, condensers, evaporator coils, misting systems, lighting systems, computerized controls, HVAC systems and much more.

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Complete Refrigeration System Installation

Imagine the simplicity of hiring one Florida company to complete your entire refrigeration system installation, including all refrigeration equipment, electrical and control systems, and plumbing. From design to completion, Neelands does it all. From small projects to multiple large projects, we have the capacity and highly trained, experienced staff to complete everything in house. In fact, we're the only commercial refrigeration contractor that designs, supplies and installs including electrical and plumbing. One point of contact - one job well done.

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